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ATO Affiliate
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ATO Affiliate

ATO Affiliate is the term given to organizations that have a defined business relationship with an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) under the guidelines laid down by the APM Group.

As the official accreditor the APM Group has defined standards and practices that an ATO Affiliate must comply to in order to be able to promote ITIL education services. Organizations that are not either an ATO or a bona fide ATO Affiliate of an ATO are in breach of copyright if they promote ITIL education services.

There is an easy check for IT professionals who want to make sure they are receiving genuing ITIL education training and the ITIL exam. If the organization claims to be an Accredited Training Organization (ATO), then it's details must be listed on the official ITIL web site.

If the organization claims to be an ATO Affiliate then their details must be displayed on the relevant ATO web site that they are accredited with. This is a fail safe mechanism to ensure that IT professionals are receiving genuine education and therefore the genuine ITIL certification.