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Application Management vs Technical Management
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Application Management vs Technical Management

Application management is similar in nature to Technical Management as both roles may typically form part of the IT operations management function. One of the key responsibilities for the Application Management team involves the decision whether to buy or to build new applications.


This decision will then influence the way that Application Management performs its two primary roles:

1. Being the owner of technical knowledge, skills and expertise with regard to the management of application; in conjunction with Technical Management and

2. The actual resource pool to support the ITSM Lifecycle. This requires effective training in all aspects of the Lifecycle for an application; namely the design, build, transition, operate and improvement of services.

The roles of Application Management need to be targeted towards certain key objectives for the function.


Cost-effective applications (be they purchased or in house developed) with appropriate levels of resiliency

Functionality as defined by required business outcomes is present

Optimal organization structure to support applications

Processes and procedures to provide timely support on any technical issues