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BSI - Who are they?
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The BSI - British Standards Institute

BSI is an acronym for British Standards Institute.

Many IT professionals will have heard of BSI as the authority body for the Service Management standard BS 15000 (now renamed to ISO 20000). However, it is important to note that the BSI performs many other roles and functions outside the information technology field.

BSI as the name implies is the standards body for the United Kingdom and it draws groups of professionals together people from hundreds of fields to develop standards for particular aspects of those industries. Many standards are designed as life saving mechanisms (for example seat belt construction and buoyancy vests). However, the BSI also brings together Information Technology specialists.

BS 15000 - now superseded by ISO 20000 was the first gathering of minds regarding a standard for IT Service Management. The BSI was the coordinating body for the development and approval of the standard.