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ITIL Change Management
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ITIL Change Management

ITIL Change Management general activities can be summarized as follows:

Planning and Controlling
The requirement to consider changes and the importance of pre-meditated methods to ensure adequate controls.

Change and Release Scheduling
An appreciation that the timing of changes needs to take into account a variety of IT and non-IT factors.

The greatest potential negative impact of change is the failure to ensure the affected stakeholders are aware of the change itself.

Change Decision making and change authorization
Differing types and categories of change will entail involvement from different staff.

Ensure Remediation Plans
A core requirement for any change is the ability to revert to an “as-was” state.

Measurement and Control
Being such an important element of enhanced service provision means that the process area must be under constant scrutiny.

Understand impact
An often quoted statement is that “any improvement requires change, but a change is not necessarily an improvement”. This concept forces has to ensure that change agents critically analyze the flow on effects of a proposed change.

Continual improvement
A requirement for any of the ITIL processes within the Service Lifecycle environment is a need to look for ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the process itself.