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Configuration Management Naming
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Configuration Management Naming

Configuration Management naming conventions for attributes are often a struggle for an IT organizations. The following list is a useful reference list to consider.

This list would be an excellent starting point when considering the design of the CMDB.

The unique name for a particular CI.

Unique identifier
Typically a serial number for a CI.

CI Classification (e.g. documentation, hardware, software, facilities, etc).

Model (specifically for hardware)
Typically a manufacturer code

Warranty expiry date
Date of warranty expiry for the CI.

The physical location of the CI.

The name and/or role of the person responsible for the CI.

Date when the CI was delivered.

Date IN
Date when the CI was component accepted.

The current status of a CI; e.g. 'production', 'pending'.

(CI) Relationships
The relationship of the CI with all CIs. For example "is part of", "is connected to".

RFC Numbers
The RFC identifiers relate to a particular CI.

Change Numbers
The Change records related to a particular CI.

Problem Numbers
The Problem records related to a particular CI.

Incident Numbers
The Incident records related to a particular CI.

Comment field
A comment field can be used as free text.