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Building a Service Catalog
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Building a Service Catalog

Building a Service Catalog requires an understanding of a variety of concepts that are defined as part of Service Strategy.

First we need to adjust our thinking that the Service Catalog is a list of definitive services that are offered to customers. While this is true to some degree, it is not accurate. Imagine going to an ultimate dining experience and the chef brings out a list of the various ingredients and dishes, spices, etc. that they have available and sits with you so you can create your own custom meal.

This is what a Service Catalog is. A collection of all the various components and you (the customer) can put them together in whatever way suits you (and suits your budget).

The chef is the Business Releationship Manager and they represent all the different specialists back in the kitchen. The BRM also knows that if they say "choose" you really will be at a loss at how to put the various ingredients together. So the BRM has a very sound understanding of what goes with what, they ask you questions so they can learn about your tastes and desires and they make suggestions.

Together you create something that is tailored to your unique tastes and requirements. It is your customized meal.

This story tells us what the Service Catalog is and how it is used. Look for other articles relating to Service Portfolio management on how the service catalog is actually built