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Customized Services
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Customized Services

Customized Services is the ability to offer services to customers that truly meet their unique needs, rather than offering services that the IT Service Provider should be used.

Customized Services are a natural by-product of a well implement Service Portfolio Management program and form the basis of a true Service Level Agreement.

Once the Service Portfolio Management process has begun to be implemented, then the ability to offer customized services is relatively close. Such services are created by truly understanding the Service Providers capability to deliver against Service Level Requirements (SLRs).

This means being able to define the level of utility and warranty for each infrastructure component and matching that with at least one core service, with optional one or more supporting services.

Once this is done the Service Package has been defined and that is an entry to the Service Catalog. If we now take all the available Service Packages across all elements of the infrastructure (including third parties) we can help customers create a unique service that is effectively tailor made for them.