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Exin (Examination Institute)
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EXIN - Examination Institute for Information Science

Exin is an independant testing and certification centre. The company has its head office in Utretcht, Holland and offers examination programs across a wide range of topics.

Exin offers exams in areas such as ITIL(r), ISO/IEC 20000 (their equivalent exam stream is SQM), Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF), Application Services Library (ASL) and others. The exams are available in over ten languages.

Exin has long enjoyed a combined dominance of the ITIL(r) Certification - with ISEB - however, that dominance was upset in June 2006, when the OGC awarded the management of the ITIL(r) certification scheme to the APM Group.

Access to Exin exams is typically via an Exin Accredited Training Organizations (ATOs).