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ITIL Incident Closure
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ITIL Incident Closure

ITIL incident closure is performed by the service desk. It is the final step in the incident management process and includes a number of activities.

Amongst the checklist of activities that need to be performed is verification of the initial categorization that was assigned to the incident and a satisfaction survey of the end user regarding the way the incident was handled (note: satisfaction surveys will not be performed for every incident, but for a predetermined percentage of incidents logged).

The incident is formally closed; BUT in rare circumstances an incident can be re-opened. Incident re-opening should be defined in terms of metrics. A common example is that if an incident re-occurs within a 12 or 24 hour period then the original incident can be re-opened, otherwise a new incident must be logged.

Incident closure is the eighth step in the incident management process. It follows incident resolution and recovery.