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Kano Evaluation Model
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Kano Evaluation Model

Kano Evaluation Model is a way to ensure clear understanding of customers needs. While at the same time ensuring that efforts are not put into development of attributes that hold little or no interest for the customer

The Kano Evaluation Model is based on the premise that customers have desires for products at the conscious and subconscious levels. Customers are only able to articulate the conscious desires; so we need unique ways of uncovering the subconscious desires.

The model developed in the late 1980s by Professor Noriaki Kano, works on the premise of uncovering the customers quality needs on three planes.

BASIC needs do not feature strongly with a customer as they are simply expected as part of the product or service. The presence of such needs does not add to the customers satisfaction levels, BUT their absence will contribute strongly to their dissatisfaction level. In other words the delivery of these basic needs creates a feeling of INDIFFERENCE.

PERFORMANCE needs are those that the customer is able to clearly describe and articulate. The fuel efficiency for a car, the check in time for a plane flight. Such needs can be plotted in a linear fashion where the level of satisfaction shares a direct relationship with how well the performance need is delivered.

Finally the EXCITEMENT needs are the most powerful needs to uncover. These are the customers latent needs that they don't even know about themselves until we show them. Delivery on these needs will set you apart from the competition and even lead to higher margins. Such needs are emotive and create unique selling points for organizations. The point with EXCITEMENT needs is that they do not result in an unhappy customer if they are absent, BUT as a supplier you are simply one of the "me too" providers.

A word of caution about the Kano model is that what is an EXCITEMENT need today, becomes a PERFORMANCE need tomorrow and a BASIC need the day after (e.g. internet access in hotel rooms or automatic teller machines).

So the secret is the continual discovery of EXCITEMENT features that will WOW your customers. Innovation is the key to this secret.