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Simplicity is Vital for ITIL (r)
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Simplicity is Vital for ITIL (r)

Most Organizations plan and implement ITIL (r) in a logical sequence using a project based methodology. This makes sense.

Requirements are captured, costs are budgeted, resources are planned, activities are controlled - all the great stuff that project methodologies are supposed to bring us.

Service Management projects should focus on being:

* Less than 100 days duration
* Part of a transformation programme
* Deliver a series of 'quick wins' - as well as the bigger wins
* Business focussed - Adds demonstrable value
* Heavily involving people - it's the people that make the difference!

Unfortunately, lots of organizations get 'bogged down' in project mechanics and red tape.

The methods, meetings, controls, documentation and templates used are often cumbersome and were actually around at the time when you were tackling the BIG Y2K challenge.

Also, we allow Programme Managers, with no exposure to IT Service Management Operations - from a more traditional Software Development background - to run these programmes!

Go for simplicity.

Start with a new approach that is people centric, straight forward and focuses on delivering - whilst taking all of the Service Folks with you.