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User Profile
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User Profile

User Profiles is a concept that is discussed as part of the ITIL v3 Service Strategy text along with Patterns of Business Activity (PBA).

The first step in utilizing the User profile is to actually understand the way that individuals use the services that are provided to them. It needs to be understood that even with the same service, different users will use the service in different ways.

Understanding the way that different users use a service is referred to as "codifying patterns of business activity". For example, would the CEO look for different features in the internet portal than other people. Does the on-call support engineer have different requirements for paging services that would the financial controller?

If we can map out these patterns and then give each a unique identity code. We then can assign each code to one or more User profiles. Now we have the ability to review which UP's share the same PBA. Helps with design and capacity planning and optimal use of existing infrastructure resources.